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Individual therapy for WOMEN

Are you struggling to cope with or move on from a break up?

Are break ups lowering your self esteem and leading you to question yourself?

Is navigating today's dating world stressing you out and leaving you hopeless?

Do you constantly find yourself attaching to the wrong men? 

Is your love life never stable and meeting your needs?

Individual or family therapy for TEEN GIRLS

Is your teenage girl broken hearted and feeling hopeless? 

Is she feeling the negative effects of social media, being misunderstood and disliking what she sees in the mirror?

Does she withdraw and not want to talk to you? Unsure of who she is?

Therapy for COUPLES

Are you feeling stuck in repetitive patterns with your partner?

Do you often not see eye to eye and struggle to communicate?

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner or have unresolved conflict that's been impacting your relationship?

Is intimacy dwindling?

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