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If you're a woman who is... 

Practically burnt the f*ck out from dating because you're constantly let down  


In a relationship + not feeling happy,

perhaps sick + tired of things not changing or stuck in a toxic cycle


Heartbroken, maybe you were dumped or you left but are hurting

Trying to figure out how to just feel happier + more fulfilled

as you go through these ups + downs in life




This group will be filled with women who get just how hard this stuff is.  Who are living it right now.


One of the best feelings is being around people who understand. 

People who you don't have to go crazy trying to explain things to or find ways to make it make sense...people that just get it!


The cherry on top is that this group is led by me...a therapist + coach... who's been there too.  I GET IT!  I am currently in the same dating world as you, experiencing the same challenges.


This group is supportive + educational.


Meaning, it's a combo of me teaching from a curriculum I designed,

along with group conversations.


There will be time every week for questions and live coaching on real life scenarios you want to explore with the group. 

This is fun and really healing!


Sessions 1-5 are tailored to address a range of topics on

dating, relationships, life, self love, self discovery + more.  

Session 6, the final meeting, is an in person closing celebration at the very girly + cozy Be Kind To Your Mind officeAside from talking about takeaways from the group, there is no formal agenda. 

It's a session to celebrate yourself for completing it and to mingle with the other ladies you've gotten to know on screen over the last several weeks.

  It's my hope that those who participate, hit it off + be friends!

(FYI attending in person is completely optional)

By the end of the group, you will be walking away:

With tools + insights to navigate dating + relationships

with more confidence & less stress

Feeling more secure as a woman + with your decision making

Feeling excited + ready to create the vibrant, authentic life you deserve

With a deeper relationship + love for yourself

Connected with other like minded women + perhaps a few new girlfriends!


And I am there to motivate, support & empower you every step of the way!

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